Serguey Zefirov (thesz) wrote,
Serguey Zefirov

Про тесты, SQLite и формальную проверку кода.

Итак, в SQLite действительно 1100 строк кода тестов к одной строке кода: As of version 3.7.8 (all statistics in the report are against that release of SQLite), the SQLite library consists of approximately 77.6 KSLOC of C code. (KSLOC means thousands of "Source Lines Of Code" or, in other words, lines of code excluding blank lines and comments.) By comparison, the project has 1177 times as much test code and test scripts - 91392.4 KSLOC.

Тем не менее, Coverity смогла отыскать проблемы в столь хорошо оттестированном коде.
Tags: тестирование программ, формальные методы
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