February 19th, 2007

with Cat The Cat

MapReduce под микроскопом.

Рассмотрение статьи про используемый в Гугле Map-Reduce с переводом на Хаскель.

Код переводится с C++. На шестой страничке найдена неточность в формулировке, которая может привести к проблемам с типами данных.
with Cat The Cat

Ледники и Китай.


A number of himalaya glaciers are disappearing fast. Once they do, India and Western/Central China are in great danger. As it is, Gorges dam (and the 2 new hydroelectrics being planed) is mostly fed by Glaciers that may disappear in less than 50 years. Worse, this water is used for some of the most fertile land in both countries. That would leave both with far less capability to feed themselves. China will almost certainly pull a W approach and pick a fight with neighboring country with plenty of water. In general, there is only 1 country; Russia.