March 7th, 2007

with Cat The Cat

Программерский юмор.

введение в INTERCAL.

Already we have encountered one way that INTERCAL differs from other languages - it doesn't like being bossed around. You can't just tell it to 'DO, DO, DO'. If you want it to respond nicely you will have to say 'PLEASE' at least 1/5th of the time. However INTERCAL will not stand for brown-nosing either, so don't say PLEASE more than 1/3rd of the time. To assist in INTERCAL programming there is an intercal.el Emacs mode included with the distribution that randomly expands 'DO ' to 'PLEASE DO ' 1/4th of the time. Apart from good manners, there is no semantic difference between 'DO', 'PLEASE DO' or simply 'PLEASE'.
Вот так вот. ;)
with Cat The Cat


Долго смотрел на следующую строчку кода:
ex_add_res := (ex_op1 & '1') + (ex_op2 & r.e.alucin);
Никак не мог понять, как же она работает. ;)

И, главное, из ex_add_res потом результаты берут, адрес перехода, например. ;)

Потом дошло - по смыслу alucin, переносу извне, - что амперсанд соединяет значения, создавая новый массив.