May 1st, 2007

with Cat The Cat

A bump on the road.

Разбираясь с доводами уже известного вам защитника астрального каратэ, правда, на этот раз в области применения Хаскеля, наткнулся на статью Джоэля Спольски про VBA. Очень интересная цитата оттуда:
This is the same reason apps under Mono, Wine, etc. hardly ever work the first time out of the box: in any large API or programming interface, there are so many subtle, undocumented details of the behavior, which programmers may be depending on without even realizing it, that any emulation environment will inevitably be imperfect. In the brittle world of programming, such imperfections often mean your program crashes long before it does anything useful. You don't get partial credit when you try to emulate an API.
По-моему, это из-за императивности оных API.