December 20th, 2007

with Cat The Cat


When you add it all up, according to Das' research, a single dollar of "real" capital supports $20 to $30 of loans. This spiral of borrowing on an increasingly thin base of real assets, writ large and in nearly infinite variety, ultimately created a world in which derivatives outstanding earlier this year stood at $485 trillion -- or eight times total global gross domestic product of $60 trillion.

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with Cat The Cat

Дневниковое, или Про еду

Начитавшись (и насмотревшись) про Ниро Вульфа и Арчи Гудвина, приобрел кленовый сироп и напек блинов.

Вкусно, но не запредельно вкусно. ;)

Сегодня повторю поедание, поскольку скушал не все. ;)