Serguey Zefirov (thesz) wrote,
Serguey Zefirov

Блокирование интернета

Вот, что я сегодня прочитал:
At a former workplace, I tried to google for "python scripting trim whitespace". The page was blocked. I asked the owner of the company (who set up the blocking software out of the box) and he responded with "Animals have nothing to do with your job. Writing screenplays have nothing to do with your job. And I definitely will not tolerate my employees looking at websites of racist organizations."
А в ЮнионКарде я как-то напоролся на блокирование сайта Analog Devices. Потом до меня дошло, почему он был блокирован. ;)
Tags: блокирование интернета, слешдот, смешное

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