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Все-таки не могу не поделиться. ;)

The desktop publishing fraternity has had rules for how wide lines should be for a very long time. Some of them are described here []. Most of them place the ideal width of text for maximum comprehension at 30-60 characters. Notice how this is done with newspapers. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to read a newspaper that spanned articles across the entire page?

Code may have slightly different numbers, but I suspect they're probably not that different.
Очень часто вместо количества символов используют определенный процент ширины экрана. В результате при увеличении шрифта читать становиться невозможно.

Но это все детали, вот ответ на это дело:
Even if 80 characters were enough in the 80's, it isn't today. One of the results of increased code complexity, tool-sets and higher-level languages, is that ambiguity and terseness must be avoided. When you're dealing with 3-4 different API's with thousands of functions, 8 letter function names would lead to insanity.Легко понять, кто это говорит - конечно же, индус. Rakshasa Taisab. ;)

Куль! ;)
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