Serguey Zefirov (thesz) wrote,
Serguey Zefirov

Текущее настроение и ещё про свиной грипп.


397 на пять раз в становой. Правда, всего лишь фунтов. Американцы не зря не хотят переходить на метрическую систему. ;)

Про испанку:
whats strange is the original outbreak of the 1918 spanish flu started at a Kansas army base. As the WW1 soldiers were deployed to Europe the virus went with them.
Что достаточно интересно, по-моему.

И оттуда же:
The swine flu will not take any new names in Israel despite the unease of a health official from a fervently religious party.

Deputy health minister Yakov Litzman, a member of United Torah Judaism, said earlier this week that the name "swine flu" should not be used as it contains the name of the unkosher animal. Litzman suggested that authorities call the virus sweeping the globe "Mexican flu."
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