Serguey Zefirov (thesz) wrote,
Serguey Zefirov


The financial markets have crashed. One important reason seems to be the trading in financial derivatives. These derivatives can be so complex that it’s very hard to estimate their value. Now if only there was a domain specific language for describing and evaluating such financial contracts...

A few weeks ago, GMail had a major outage. Edwin Brady pointed out a press release by Google that blamed ‘unexpected side effects of some new code’ – now if only there was some way to ensure code doesn’t have side effects...

This leads me to believe that Haskell is currently solving problems that will affect society in ten years or so. I predict there’s a major telecom blackout because Erlang fails to do parallel garbage collection. Maybe major bank systems will crash because of a mistake in taking the wrong locks during transactions. Or perhaps an epic fail of Amazon’s databases after an incorrect type cast.

Ха! ;)

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