Serguey Zefirov (thesz) wrote,
Serguey Zefirov

Пара ссылок на LtU.

It (групповая терапия LtU уставших от хаков программистов) works for larger things than hacks. After years on the standards committees for Fortran, Pascal, and C++, I retreated to learning Haskell and reading ltu.

Не повезло мужику. ;)

И ещё интересное про Wolfram Alpha: I think the notion of taking an ambiguous program that resembles an ad hoc search query and using heuristics and a basic inference engine to translate it into multiple possible programs, ranked by a guess at "relevance" - is deep. The computer is guessing what program you meant to write and offering up its best guesses as search results - that's interesting.
Tags: ltu, языки программирования
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